Tips on keeping your kitchen festive this Christmas!


Most of us go all out on decorating the living room during Christmas time, to the point that other rooms tend to get left neglected…

It is fair to say that we spend just as much time, if not more, in the kitchen during the holy season as we do in the living room entertaining guests…

That is why we have come up with a few simple and inexpensive tips on making the kitchen feel a little bit more included this Christmas!

Tip 1.

A smaller synthetic Christmas tree for the kitchen, this is a very simple tip yet quite effective. The Christmas tree is the center piece and one of the most iconic decorations, but adding a smaller less dramatic tree to the kitchen, instantly gives it a more festive and fun vibe.

Tip 2.

Now, if you have a more traditional style kitchen, we recommend adding accents of red, green and gold where possible as these are the traditional colours associated with Christmas.. this could be cushion covers on chairs or stools around the kitchen, little red bows along the frame of the kitchen window and making a festive fruit bowl of apples and other red coloured fruits, the possibilities are endless but these small hints of colour will make a big impact!

Tip 3.

Wreaths… These are very bold and scream Christmas – in the best way – they come in so many different sizes and styles and if you are really crafty you can even make your own! They look great on the kitchen cabinet fronts or hanging from the curtain pole in front of the kitchen window so they can be viewed from outside as well as in.

Tip 4.

If you have shelving or a display unit in the kitchen, then you can really go to town on it.. of course in the most tasteful way possible as too much decor can definitely become overwhelming. Depending on the style and colour of your kitchen you can find small ornaments such as little reindeer’s or light up letters that spell out things like ‘Snow’ which are associated with Christmas and it can be beautifully done…

Trust us, your friends and family will definitely notice the detail and ambiance it creates, which makes it all magical and worth it!

We hope you found this useful, and it’s a big MERRY CHRISTMAS from MY Kitchen!



Tips on keeping your kitchen festive this Christmas!

Kitchen Space Saving Solutions!

If space is an issue in your kitchen and you have an avalanche of pots and Tupperware come down on you every time you open a cupboard door.. Here are some tips that should help;

Fill any spaces!! 

Have you got any unused gaps in your kitchen between your cabinets?? If yes, then you could have potential to fit a narrow pull out larder unit for extra storage! –> Larder Ebay


Cabinet and Drawer Organisers

By organising your cupboards effectively using well designed inserts and careful planning, you could be saving tonnes of space around the kitchen! A simple yet easy solution.


We all have them, but it’s time to clear them out, throw away what’s unnecessary and find new space for the items you need to keep, you now have an empty drawer to make use of 🙂

Hidden Appliances

For instance, this pull out hidden ironing board takes a lot less room up than a traditional folding board and does the same job! You can integrate most of your appliances if you can get really organised with your cupboard space.


Kitchen Space Saving Solutions!

Home Appliance Must-haves for 2018


Make a statement with this – SMEG blue fridge.

As we have said previously, Blue is meant to be THE colour of 2018, so how better to style your kitchen and be on trend than with this bold, stunning appliance!!


My Kitchen Blanco induction hob 5600w

Blanco Hob – This sleek black hob is the perfect addition to any modern household, it’s timeless design coupled with its many features such as; child lock, 9 heat settings, auto power and touch control makes this appliance a no brainer..  -> Blanco Hob



Pastel colours are becoming particularly popular in appliances, challenging conventional design. The use of fresh shades gives a soft and friendly aesthetic.


Hidden extractors. What!? that’s a thing? yes.. yes it is, and it looks like something out of a James Bond movie. Seriously though, this is a must have if you want an ultra modern kitchen and to impress your guests.


Home Appliance Must-haves for 2018

5 Simple Ways to Modernize your Kitchen

Camden Gloss White Kitchen

If you are tired of your gloomy outdated kitchen and are looking for a fresh new look, here are a few simple steps you can take to bring your kitchen up to date with the modern world…


  • Clear cut straight lines – there is nothing ornate about a contemporary style, so let go of those traditional pewter handles on those old wooden shaker doors and go for a high gloss handle-less slab door. Modern decor revolves around sharp lines and mostly glossy textures.


  • Savvy Kitchen Storage – to really achieve a modern kitchen, you need to be more of a minimalist. it’s time to throw out most of the useless things you have hoarded on you kitchen counters over the years and it’s time to start finding them proper homes that are hidden away in your kitchen cupboards -You will instantly see a big difference.


  • Lighting – ditch the chandeliers and go for built in sky lights, these will make the room look bigger and will add a more modern vibe. Plinth lights are also a great addition to most modern kitchens.
  • Thin Worktops – a slimmer worktop will give a more sleek and elegant appearance.


  • Kitchen Appliances – Don’t just go for ‘what’s on offer’ actually invest in high quality appliances like Smeg and big range cookers, because it will save you in the long run as they will last. Also, appliances from top brands usually come in a variety of colours and finishes such as brushed stainless steel or ceramic so you can choose them to compliment your modern style kitchen.
5 Simple Ways to Modernize your Kitchen

The Benefits of a Bespoke Kitchen

Lacarre Gloss Light Grey Kitchen

Flexibility  –  With a Bespoke kitchen, the designs can be completely tailored to your needs and not have to fit a standard specific size.

High Quality – Hand crafted designs are finished to a higher standard than that of modular designs.

Durability – Bespoke kitchens tend to be longer lasting, especially at ‘My Kitchen’ where we choose the highest quality products all the way down to your kitchen hinges!

No Limits – (To an extent) You pretty much have free reign on  what design you want to go for as we can custom any design to your needs – the choices are endless.

Personal – The kitchen will be more personal and sentimental as it is designed by you! Also, we make it personal by getting to know you as a person and build a relationship so we are able to guide you and help you achieve your vision.

The Benefits of a Bespoke Kitchen

Autumn Kitchen Trends 2017


Autumn is here… and it’s time to get that kitchen looking beautiful and ready for all the holiday seasons that are nearly upon us!

Grey and black tones are top of the list for cabinetry in terms of colour, they create a mature look in the kitchen and add a moody feel whether it be in high gloss or a matt finish.

Open Shelving, this works particularly well in more traditional kitchens, as we get close to Halloween, it’s a nice way to display your favorite nostalgic cookware.. along with some fun seasonal novelty items such as your pumpkins and skeletons!

Shaker style kitchens will never go out of fashion.. but they are especially popular as we get closer to winter, due to their traditional style they bring a cosy feel to the room – which is needed as the weather starts to change and we seek the warmth.

Copper accents – these can be in the form of copper handles, which are a huge hit this year and go well on both traditional and modern doors. They are durable and compliment most colours, especially contrasted well on dark cabinetry.


Autumn Kitchen Trends 2017

Why You Should Invest In Your Kitchen…


#1 First of all, Safety. There are a lot of electrical appliances and lighting in the kitchen that may have been exposed to wear and tear over time, so making sure these are upgraded can be a very important matter in order to avoid any accidents. Also, over time we have the tendency to acquire a lot of unnecessary clutter which could also potentially pose as a possible threat to the safety in our kitchen, so have a check around the room and try keep it as risk free as possible.

#2 The interior is simply dated. Apparently – despite our love for takeaways – Brits spend an average of 72 minutes a day just cooking in the kitchen, Imagine doing that in a kitchen that looks stuck in a time warp from  the 60’s… time to get upgrading!

#3 Dim lighting accompanied with dark discoloured walls and cabinets. The key to enlarging the look of any room is light! You won’t believe the difference it can make repainting your cabinets and upgrading your lighting, trust us, it will transform the room.

#4 Chipped tiles and worktops.. depending on the material of the worktop, chips can usually be an easy fix, and it will make a world of difference. However, if you have had the same worktops for a lifetime, maybe it’s time to go for something new, your friends and family will notice and it will give you more of a sense of house pride. This also goes for the tiling, chipped/discoloured tiles can look ghastly, try going for something different like an acrylic glass splash back in a complimentary colour.

#5 Last of all, if you are getting ready to put your house on the market, investing in a brand new kitchen will add a lot of value to the property.. you got to spend money to make money.. they say.

Why You Should Invest In Your Kitchen…